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HTL 1000

Quick Overview

  1. Mechanical: Standard locking core, all stainless steel part, with anti-pry, anti-dial and anti-lock function. Press handle more in line with human mechanical requirements

  2. Electronics: European efficiency energy saving (4 no. 5 batteries are guaranteed for 12 month, 30000 door open), maintenance free (single chip operation very low failure rate).

  3. Management software: room state management, complete time and authority management, with function interface connected with the hotel management system.

  4. Operation and use: no need to push the switch detection, direct excitation circuit. All components of the door lock are industrial-grede devices, with super adaptability to the environment, easy and fast operation, card reading time:

  • The door lock management system is composed of computer, smart card reader and management software. Responsible for issuing IC CARDS, hotel room management, guest check-in information query statistics functions.

  • Operation management: Define the user name of the system operation and the setting of its permission to use the system

  • Initialization CARDS: Initialize the CARDS available to the system all new CARDS.

  • Room setting: Complete the entry of all room information of the setting of the hotel and issue the installation card, maintenance card and clearance card.

  • System maintenance: Issue manager key card (including: master control card, area card, building number card, floor card,clock card,etc) Read data card record; View the operation log.

  • Front Desk management: This function is the core part of the system and is used by the hotel’s front desk operator. Responsible for guest check-in, issuing room, handling guest reservation , Check-out, renewal, card replacement, etc.


  1. Holding Forse : No

  2. General Info :

  • Surface Treatment : Electroplating
    The Size is as follows : 280*72mm
    Holding Material : Aluminium alloy
    Applicable door thickness : 38-110mm
    Weight : 3KG/set
    Card Type : 57 Sensing Carmen
    Working Voltage : 6V (four alkaline batteries) for 12 to 15 month
    Static power consumption : 100MA
    Dynamic power consumption : 300MA

  • Video Standard : PAL (Default)/NTSC



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